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So you're New to Caving?

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What is Caving?

Caving is an adventure activity full of physical challenges and an outlet for a real explorer’s spirit, not to mention a great way to keep fit.

It is an experience of nature unlike any other - not just close to nature but within nature itself.

The experience is incredibly rewarding where magical sights, thousands of years in the making, sculpted rocks and the delicate formations are a joy to behold.

The caver may walk, twist and squeeze, they may climb, stoop and crawl, and they may plunge, wade and swim; ascending and descending through the wonderful spaces left between rock and water.

For the beginner there is a unique delight waiting to be discovered. For the experienced caver there is a world of subterranean labyrinths to explore.

Caving Video

Follow a group of cavers on a classic novice trip down Long Churn Caverns in the stunning Yorkshire Dales National Park.

The team descend the ‘Dolly Tubs’ pitch and step out onto the ledge of Alum Pot to watch more experienced cavers enjoying the bigger drops. The team then exit the cave via a different route and the water chute of ‘Dr Bannister’s Handbasin’.


A novice caver's experience...

‘Catching first sight of the chamber, lost for words I could only offer a “wow- it's bloody awesome”. My only regret of that day was that I couldn't summon a more eloquent response to convey the wonder of the place. As more and more of the group entered the chamber the true splendour of the sight was revealed…

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